Backline Boston Tea Party # Technical rider backline beste #feestband met bekende & nieuwe dance & feest classics voor Feest der Herkenning!  Backline Boston Tea Party BostonTeaParty.NL Technical rider backline backline 
Backline Boston Tea Party BostonTeaParty.NL Technical rider backline backline

Backline Boston Tea Party
Technical rider backline


Our set: Yamaha Absolute Nouveau (maple)
Alternatives: Yamaha 9000 recording custom or Sonor S-Class, other kits after consideration.
Drums setup: 22x18" bass drum, 10x8" 12x9" 14x14" toms, 14x5,5" wooden snare and 13x4" metal (piccolo) snare. Or slightly different.
Professional hardware: 3x boom stand, 2 snare stands, bass drum pedal (f.e. DW 5000 series, Yamaha FP9310; with chain), hihat stand (f.e. Pearl H1000, Yamaha HS 1000), drum crutch. Or slightly different.
Cymbals: 20" ride, 13" or 14" Hi-hat, 15" and 16"crash cymbals.
Mics: drums microphone set

Bass amplification

Our set: Aguilar: AG500 amp + 2xGS 210 or 2xGS410
Alternatives: Aguilar
DB750 or DB359 amps + 2xGS 210 or 2xGS410
or a set from: BagEnd, Eden, EBS, SWR, Ampeg, Hartke en Gallien & Krueger (no Trace Elliot, no Peavey!)
Bass guitar: a 5 string bas: Fender Jazz, Yamaha, Squier, Music Man, Lakland, or else an Ibanez.
DI: out

Guitar amplification

Our set: Fender The Twin Red Knob and/or Fender 65 Twin Reverb.
We bring our own guitar.
Mics: guitar mic


Our set: Korg Triton eXtreme 66 + Nord Stage 88
Alternatives for Nord Stage: Nord Electro 73, Yamaha S90, Yamaha P250, Roland RD600, RD70. Or other stage piano with balanced keys (no master keyboard without sounds!).
Alternatives for Triton eXtreme: Korg Triton standard, Yamaha Motif
Our keys stand: Ultimate Apex AX-48B with extended  long arms(
Alternative key stand:
comparable stand.
DI's: 4 (2 stereo)

Horn sections (trombone, tenor sax, trumpet)

Wireless for the horn section: 3x Shure U4 + U2
Microphones horn section: SD systems LCM89 (sax), SD systems LCM77 or DPA 4080 (trumpet) and SD systems LCM77 (trombone).
Or 3 clip mics,... or 3 microphones on a stand
We bring our own horn instruments

Vocals: 3 female vocal

Mics: Wireless / microphones for 3 female vocals: 3x Shure U4 + Beta 87. In-ear: 4x EW 300 IEM G2.
Or 3 wired microphones.

Front of House

This is our own setup:
Absolute minimal required abroad: 24 channel (+ effect groups) front of house mixing console.


This is our own setup:
Absolute minimal required abroad:  16 channel / 6 groups
Monitor group for: drums (g1), keys (g2), horns-A (g3), horns-B (g4), 2 monitors (1 group) for vocals (g5), guitar (g6)


At least 2 professional technicians, familiar with the provided system, must speak English.

Hand luggage:

- personal luggage of every band member
- trumpet: in gig bag: 20x20x65 cm, 3 kilos
- saxophone: in gig bag: 25x30x80 cm, 6 kilos
- trombone: in gig bag: 88x28x28 cm, 6 kilos
- guitar: in gig bag: 8x45x65 cm, 5 kilos
dimensions and weight may vary