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Backline Boston Tea Party
Technical rider backline


Our set: Yamaha Absolute Nouveau (maple)
Alternatives: Yamaha 9000 recording custom or Sonor S-Class, other kits after consideration.
Drums setup: 22x18" bass drum, 10x8" 12x9" 14x14" toms, 14x5,5" wooden snare and 13x4" metal (piccolo) snare. Or slightly different.
Professional hardware: 3x boom stand, 2 snare stands, bass drum pedal (f.e. DW 5000 series, Yamaha FP9310; with chain), hihat stand (f.e. Pearl H1000, Yamaha HS 1000), drum crutch. Or slightly different.
Cymbals: 20" ride, 13" or 14" Hi-hat, 15" and 16"crash cymbals.
Mics: drums microphone set

Bass amplification

Our set: Aguilar: AG500 amp + 2xGS 210 or 2xGS410
Alternatives: Aguilar
DB750 or DB359 amps + 2xGS 210 or 2xGS410
or a set from: BagEnd, Eden, EBS, SWR, Ampeg, Hartke en Gallien & Krueger (no Trace Elliot, no Peavey!)
Bass guitar: a 5 string bas: Fender Jazz, Yamaha, Squier, Music Man, Lakland, or else an Ibanez.
DI: out

Guitar amplification

Our set: Fender The Twin Red Knob and/or Fender 65 Twin Reverb.
We bring our own guitar.
Mics: guitar mic


Our set: Korg Triton eXtreme 66 + Nord Stage 88
Alternatives for Nord Stage: Nord Electro 73, Yamaha S90, Yamaha P250, Roland RD600, RD70. Or other stage piano with balanced keys (no master keyboard without sounds!).
Alternatives for Triton eXtreme: Korg Triton standard, Yamaha Motif
Our keys stand: Ultimate Apex AX-48B with extended  long arms(
Alternative key stand:
comparable stand.
DI's: 4 (2 stereo)

Horn sections (trombone, tenor sax, trumpet)

Wireless for the horn section: 3x Shure U4 + U2
Microphones horn section: SD systems LCM89 (sax), SD systems LCM77 or DPA 4080 (trumpet) and SD systems LCM77 (trombone).
Or 3 clip mics,... or 3 microphones on a stand
We bring our own horn instruments

Vocals: 3 female vocal

Mics: Wireless / microphones for 3 female vocals: 3x Shure U4 + Beta 87. In-ear: 4x EW 300 IEM G2.
Or 3 wired microphones.

Front of House

This is our own setup:
Absolute minimal required abroad: 24 channel (+ effect groups) front of house mixing console.


This is our own setup:
Absolute minimal required abroad:  16 channel / 6 groups
Monitor group for: drums (g1), keys (g2), horns-A (g3), horns-B (g4), 2 monitors (1 group) for vocals (g5), guitar (g6)


At least 2 professional technicians, familiar with the provided system, must speak English.

Hand luggage:

- personal luggage of every band member
- trumpet: in gig bag: 20x20x65 cm, 3 kilos
- saxophone: in gig bag: 25x30x80 cm, 6 kilos
- trombone: in gig bag: 88x28x28 cm, 6 kilos
- guitar: in gig bag: 8x45x65 cm, 5 kilos
dimensions and weight may vary